Revolutionizing the Anti-aging Industry since 2012


Our journey began when our founder Saskia Kusters was looking for an effective and natural way to fight the aging process.

She was seeking something with long-lasting results without having to undergo an invasive procedure. A painless option with low recovery time.

This led her to the realization that there was a gap in the marketplace between beauty treatments and cosmetic surgery. From that discovery, Saskia was determined to find a solution which eventually led her to create Dermatude Meta Therapy. Saskia was already immersed in the beauty industry as a former international sales manager at a Dutch beauty company. Since she was already so familiar with this market, she figured it was the perfect place to start. That’s when Saskia and her team decided to launch a pilot program in the Dutch market.

To their excitement, the launch of Dermatude’s revolutionary anti-aging or use skin improvement solution was wildly successful! Estheticians and their clients were so thrilled with the results, Saskia knew it was time to take it worldwide!

 Because this was such an ambitious goal, Saskia wanted to make sure estheticians were fully equipped to introduce Dermatude Meta Therapy to their clients. She knew in order for beauticians to provide exceptional services, a total concept was needed.

Not only did beauticians need the tools and products to be successful, they also needed marketing and sales tools. That’s why she created the total concept.