Aging of the Midface

Aging of the mid face has the most impact! Even though everyone ages in their own way, the aging process is about the same. A statement found in a publication on, Dr. Frodo Gaymans from Cosmetic Clinic in Amsterdam, where our International brand is headquartered. Dr. Frodo explains the aging process and the kind of aging which has the most impact: the aging of the midface.

Dr. Frodo Gaymans: "Regardless of the ethnic background or lifestyle, face aging takes place at 3 levels at a time:"

• The shape of the skull

• Amount of hypodermic volume

• The skin structure


The First Signs of Aging Appear at 25

"Face aging is a cumulative process (as it continues, it does not stop) and takes three levels at a time. With many people, the first signs of aging are visible around the 25th year of life. From the end of the fourth decade, the rate of renewal of skin cells decreases, which causes the skin to become looser and thinner, and lines arise from the movement of underlying muscles." Doctor Gaymans explains. "Aging of the middle part of your face has the most impact. In the middle of the face, this decrease is mainly seen at the cheekbones, under the eyes and cheeks."


Skull Shape

Frodo: "Over time, the skull becomes smaller. The skull shrinks when getting older. This is due to progressive osteoporosis. Fibrous tissue is continuously broken down and rebuilt. As you grow older, the buildup of bone slows down the degradation and decreases the amount of bone. A discrete process of continuous bone resorption that increases the eye cavities and shrinks the cheekbones:

• Loss of the cheekbones. The cheekbones flatten at the side, become narrower and go a little less out. At the front, the cheekbones go more inward.

• Orbits grow bigger. Because there are less volume and grip around the eyes, the eyes are deeper and rattle and wrinkles arise.


Hyperdermic Volume

"The hyperdermic volume changes during aging. The connective tissue becomes less solid and the muscle volume decreases slowly. This makes the cheek volume slip down/forward. The cheeks’ cushions have less grip and lower down. This causes a volume shortage under the eyes (bags/dark circles), a surplus in the nose and mouth corner nose and between the mouth and jaw (puppet line). The muscles in the face around the eyes try to intercept the cheek volume, which then again leads to more fine lines around the eyes and cheeks."


Skin Structure

"Skin becomes less elastic, thinner and a little bit ‘too large for the face’. This is also a reason why bags, lines around the eyes and wrinkles appear."


Bags, Mouth wrinkles and Vertical Wrinkles in the Cheeks

Dr. Frodo continues: "Face aging is, therefore, the result of fat degradation, a changed fat distribution, and an increased bone breakdown. In the middle face, facial aging is seen in particular in the formation of bags, mouth lines, cheek wrinkles and puppet lines."


What is the Solution to Aging of the Midface?


The basis of a beautiful skin and skin structure next to heredity and lifestyle is good skin care, cleansing, and maintenance. For this reason, Dermatude Meta Therapy is a great treatment. In a course of treatments, results may be lasting. The facial treatments of Dermatude Meta Therapy can be performed on the entire face, neck, décolleté or specific areas for overall visible skin improvement. 

  • Visible appearance of fine lines
  • Smoother texture and reduction in pores
  • Hydration of the skin
  • A more luminous and glowing look 

Research has shown that the growth in the beauty industry mainly comes from anti-aging treatments and products. The largest target group (age 25 to 75 years) is reticent to medical treatments. On the other hand, the target group is looking for better results than non-invasive procedures can offer. Meta Therapy meets these demands and fills in between beauty treatments and cosmetic surgery.


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