What is Dermatude Meta Therapy

Dermatude is the latest exclusive beauty brand developed by Nouveau Cosmetique also known as the NC Group, established in 1993. The company has since grown to be an international organization with its own production facilities, exporting to many countries around the globe. The NC Group is headquartered in the Netherlands, where all matters related to export; sales, order processing, training, graphic design and marketing are managed. Since 2009, the company obtained licensing in the USA and founded the USA office and academy in Orlando, Florida. The Meta Therapy concept of Dermatude was developed in 2010 and launched in its home market in 2011. Export began in 2012 and by the end of 2015, Dermatude is distributed in 34 countries worldwide.


Discover Dermatude
Dermatude META or Meta Therapy combines the benefits of several skin rejuvenation methods all in one -100% natural! It's a unique technique for helping combat the visible signs of aging, giving skin a more youthful look!  


Amazing Results!

The result of Dermatude META Therapy is visible after one treatment. Dermatude META Therapy improves the overall condition of the skin – your skin becomes smoother, the appearance of fine lines, pores become finer, and your skin looks luminous and glowing. Dermatude delivers amazing results on the face neck and the décolleté. Treat all exposed areas of the skin and have the perfect skin you crave.


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