Dermatude Balancing Skincare Set

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Dermatude's multi-product skincare routine!

Different products are formulated to address different issues. Support Dermatude's Meta Therapy salon treatments with Dermatude skincare. The advanced anti-aging skincare is fully aligned to the active ingredients used during Meta Therapy treatments. Dermatude skincare lengthens the effects of the treatment and helps to achieve the best results.

The Balancing treatment brings back the balance in the skin. In addition to highly moisturizing components, it also contains enzymes and Nano-White. These ingredients will regain the skin’s naturally smooth and vibrant appearance. The Balancing treatment will also reduce pigment spots and age spots for a smooth complexion and natural glow.

Following a full routine will ensure that your skin is properly cleansed, moisturized and treated to give you the best results as fast as possible. Investing only 3 minutes, twice a day can improve your skin significantly. To make sure your skin is properly treated to reach optimum results, we recommend 5 steps:

1. Cleanse with the Oxygen Boost Cleanser

2. Tone & restore PH Balance with the Oxygen Boost Toner

3. Eye Care with the Lifting Eye Drops

4. Moisturize nourish and protect with the serums & Day/Night creams

5. Deep cleanse twice weekly with the Enzyme Peel (Not included in skincare set) & add extra nourishment with the masks (Not included in the skincare set)

The general rule is "the heavier the texture, the later in your skincare regimen it should be applied".

The Balancing Skincare Set includes:

 1 x Oxygen Boost Cleanser

 1 x Oxygen Boost Toner

 1 x Balancing Serum

 1 x Balancing Cream

 1 x Lifting Eye Drops

For more details on specific ingredients, please view the individual product listings.

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